Everybody has a body…

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The Human Machine

The human body is amazing, its a machine comprised of many systems that operate independantly with precision to create the whole.

Medical Illustrations

MuscleSculpt is a concept of Aeon Media. Started in 2001 as a showcase of medical illustrations, which were highly flashed in nature, the site is meant to be an educational experience in learning about the human body.

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The Human Machine

The Nervous System

The nervous system is the control center of the body. it is made up of two parts…the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system.

The Cardiovascular System

The cardiovascular system works with the respiratory system to complete respiration. Respiration is the exchange of the gases between the air we breathe, the blood in the body, and the cells the body.

The Digestive System

The function of the digestive system is to take what your body needs from food and then removes the waste materials from the body.

Skeletal Muscular System

The skeletal system of the human body provides protection for many of the internal organs of the body.

Respitory System

The respiratory system of the body is responsible for supplying oxygen to the body and providing a mechanism for the rapid release of carbon dioxide. In fact, the definition of respiration is exchange of the gases between the air we breathe, the blood in the body, and the cells the body.

Hello! I’m Robin L. OShell

Illustrator and Developer

In the late 1990s, I developed a series of illustrations that were used in several websites to promote and sell pharmaceutical products.  Many of these drawings are still being used in some form or other today.  I originally bought this domain name as a way to showcase those illustrations independently of Euro RSCG who commissioned them for various clients.  I became fascinated with fitness and studied to be a personal trainer and planned on using this domain for fitness related projects, but remained a Software Developer instead.

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